How Can You Help

To rescue abandoned children, mis-parent children, and semi-orphan children.

To care and help to bring quality change in life and living standard of them by providing education development, moral education and skill developing environment and trainings on further terms.

How We Work?

By co-ordinate, cooperate and linkage with equal objective national and international organization.

CCRC adopts, supports and takes a care of a child which is abandoned after the birth, miss-parent children and Semi-Orphan children. Empowering them with education so they can be independent someday.

Current Situtation

Legal Status: The organization is legally registered under law of Government of Nepal. And regular annual renew, auditing and well as other status is updated for the fiscal year 2070/71.
Executive Board: The Chairman of the former executive board was Buddhist Monk (Venerable Sumeadh Bhante) from Dharan, Eastern Region of Nepal. After his more than a decade long Buddhism study and social service in Burma, Thailand, Srilanka, France and other countries of Asia and as well as Europe, he returned Nepal in 2003. After he arrived in Nepal, he was fully involving in different social works through different organizations and individually. He was associated with CCRC since last several years as a Patron of the organization and elected Chairman for the current board by the general assembly.
Sudden Death of Chairman: The Chairman, Venerable Sumeadh Bhante was a monk, spiritual leader. The current Executive Board had given full single authority to Chairman for the overall management of the organization even single cheque operation authority of the bank in the good faith and believes as he was monk and spiritual leader. All of a sudden, Bhante expired on March 1, 2015 at Kist Hospital. He was admitted at Kist hospital on February 27, 2015, and passed within two days.
After the demise of Venerable Bhante, the organization was without its guardian, and the management of the home was in crucial situation for the further running. Now the organization has formed a new board and is running with young and energetic members. We are running this organization with a new energy and administrative practices. For the best to come we are in need of a stable donors and support for our mission.